The client:
Dr. Johann Masreliez

The project: Introduce Expanding Space Time Theory to a general audience

The result: Designed, edited, and illustrated a non-fiction book 

The client:
 Native Seed Network

The project:  Develop copy and technical writing for new web site,, and native seed trading business rules

The result:  Web copy, software requirements specifications, task orders, and other technical requirements documentation to aid in development of new business and web site

The client:
 The Extension and Experiment Station, Oregon State University

The project: Write abstracts for web publications 

The result: Over 150 abstracts and summaries on the web at

The client:  Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute

The project: Create display for grand opening of the Nano/Micro Fabrication Facility in May 2004

The result: An 8'x10' foot interactive display with video, text, and illustrations; facility, introduction to nanotech (large file), research cluster1, research cluster2, research cluster3

The client:
Forestry Communications Group, Oregon State University

The project:  Provide editing and writing on the biological and physical sciences as needed

The result:  Edited and wrote highly technical articles for publication in academic journals, executive summaries, annotated bibliographies, and user guides

The client:
 Institute for Applied Ecology

The project:  Develop new web site

The result:  Logo and web site at

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